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Taizhou FUJU Rubber Belt Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

In 1997, Fuju started to produce Fuju brand sewing machine belts. At that time, the company was called Xingang Hardware and Rubber Factory, and it was located in Sanliuluo Lane, in the form of a family workshop.
In 2001, due to the decline of the sewing machine industry, Fuju began to transform into automobiles and motorcycles and industrial conveyor belts. Due to the increase in production scale, an area is rented for use, and the address is located in Xuanzhu Village.
In 2003, I bought the first factory, located in Xiashan Village, covering an area of ​​six acres.
At the end of 2005, the second factory was purchased, located at No. 10 Longxiang Road, Fengkeng Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​20 acres.
In early 2006, it officially moved into the No. 2 plant for production.
In 2009, we bought the third factory, located at No. 6 Xinye Street, covering an area of ​​68 acres.
In 2013, Fuju cooperated with ContiTech (Continental Group) and leased the No. 3 plant for ContiTech to use.
In 2018, ContiTech withdrew from Sanmen due to the development plan of the head office, and the cooperation was interrupted. At the same time, we purchased the fourth factory, located at No.40 Industrial Avenue, covering an area of ​​50 acres.
Since the beginning of 2021, Fuju has changed its appearance and started to put into production in No.4 factory with perfect equipment and technology.

FUJU BELT is a company specializing in the production of rubber transmission belts.
The current product categories are:

  • 1

    Cutting belt

    Used To Drive Auxiliary Devices Of The Car. Such As Generators, Air Conditioners, Power Steering, Fans.

  • 2

    Multi-ribbed belt/PK belt

    Same Use As Cutting Belt. Compared With Cutting Belt, It Has The Characteristics Of Strong Transmission Capacity And Long Service Life.

  • 3

    Timing belt/timing belt

    Mainly Used To Ensure The Timing Between The Crankshaft And The Camshaft. Sometimes It Also Drives The Water Pump, Fuel Injection Pump, etc.

  • 4

    Industrial Ribbed Belt

    Suitable for outdoor transmission equipment, electric tools, conveying equipment, washing machines and sports equipment.

  • 5

    Industrial cutting tape

    It is more suitable for industrial fields with high requirements for weight and power.

  • 6

    Continuously variable speed belt

    This type of product is applicable to a variety of brand models. For details, please consult.

The product can be used
in the following areas:

1. Automobiles and motorcycles: cars, motorcycles, ATVs, etc.
2. Large equipment: garden equipment, large textile equipment, and large industrial equipment, etc.
3. Home appliances: washing machines, vacuum cleaners, sweepers, fitness equipment, etc.
(The range of use is very wide, and almost all transmission equipment can use our products.)

For any inquiries from customers, we will provide professional and reasonable quotations immediately.

For any new product of the customer, we will communicate with the customer very professionally, listen to the customer's opinion and give useful suggestions to ensure that a good product is made.

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Lean management, pursuit of excellence, technological innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

(1) Reasonable layout of production lines, strict implementation of 6S, promotion of just-in-time production, and reduction of seven major wastes.
(2) Adhere to continuous improvement, emphasize defect prevention, strive to reduce variation and waste, and continuously meet changing customer needs and other applicable requirements.
(3) Continuously improve customer satisfaction, gain customer trust, and win more customers.
(4) The company insists on developing its own brand, and hopes that through the efforts of all employees of the company, it will launch the "Fuju" brand in the tape industry, return customers with better products, create value for customers, and strive for a larger market share.

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